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11/04/2010 1:45am


  • Multimedia: DirectX, OpenGL, Windows Multimedia API, Audio/Video Encoder & Decoder, animation Effects
  • Speech Synthesis & Recognition: Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface And Recognition (SAPI), Dragon Speech, Mbrola TTS
  • Computer Vision: OpenCV, OCR, ICR, Face Recognition, Fingerprint Feature extraction and identification.
  • Distributed/Parallel Computing: CORBA, DCOM, MOM, SOAP, XML RPC, Clustering, Scheduling Computing Heuristics.
  • Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI)
  • Network Messaging, Queued Push-Subscribe Model
  • Application Server (Middle Ware)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Processing, Pattern Training & Recognition, Expert System
  • Optimization &Operation Research: Simulated Annealing, GRASP (Greedy Random Adaptive Searching Procedure), Genetic Algorithm, Tabu Search, etc.
  • Driver Development (Windows & *NIX)
  • Windows NT Service Application & *NIX Daemon
  • Programming Issues: Load Balancing, Fail Over, Interoperability, Scalability, 24/7 Availability, Multithreading, Optimization, etc
  • Hardware Interfacing: Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI), PLC, ADC/DAC.