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Labcal. SmartMobile is a rugged handheld device designed for smartcard based data collection. The integrated peripherals brings numerous mobile communication system and smartcard interoperability out of the box. High ingress protection IP54 standard ensure the product withstand harsh environments. By combining a contact and contactless smartcard reader, the rugged SmartMobile is the perfect device for smartcard based portable data collection such as employee ID verification, direct store delivery, retail, warehouse, manufacturing and banking applications. High availability wireless interface open the possibility of real time data collection feature.

CPU : Intel PXA255 400Mhz
Operating System Windows CE.NET 5.0
Memory 64MB NOR FLASH (ROM) 128MB Mobile SDRAM (RAM) Expandable flash memory with SD card.
LCD Display Transreflective 2.8 inch TFT LCD (320x240) with backlight and touch screen, visible under direct sunlight.
Communication Bluetooth 2.0 EDR.
Serial Port.
USB Client (Microsoft ActiveSync Compliant).
 1. GSM, support both data (GPRS) and voice exchange.
 2. CDMA, support both data and voice exchange.
    Audio Full-duplex voice recorder system, built-in loudspeaker, microphone and
    Interface 2 SAM (Security Application Module) card slots.
    1 SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card slot.
    1 Contactless card reader, ISO14443A/B and ISO15693.
     1 SD I/O slot.
    Keypads Power, direction (arrow buttons), 12 number/symbolbuttons, 2 user  defined buttons, enter/escape button.
    Battery : Dual battery system, 300mAh internal battery and 2000mAh external Lithium-Ion Polymer battery.
    Power Supply : 5V (Can be charged using standard USB port).
    Dimension  : 143mm (h) x 76mm (w) x 34 mm (d).
    Weight : 380g (including battery).
    Op. Temperature : -20 to 50 °C
    Op. Humidity : 10% to 95% RH
    Protection Standard  : IP54/IEC529 Standard, Anti-shock, Dust proof, can withstand1.2m height of fall to concrete floor. Impact protection withstand25g, IEC 68-2-9 standard, earthquake resistance bear 2g, IEC 68-2 standard.
    Certification : CE, FCC, TUV, WEE, RoHS, IP54, IEC 68-2-9, IEC 68-2-6


    Durable : Can withstand harsh environment
    Flexibility :

    Multiple card formats supported simultaneous, Multiple connectivity option, expandability options.

    Upward compatible  : Will support future card issues
    Rapidity : Authentication in 0.6 seconds
    Expandable  : Can be upgraded for future needs
    Convenience : Easy of use and ergonomic
    Scalable : Able to work in a large system and support large number of users
    Portability : Allows for ID verification in the field
    Reliable : Trusted, accurate, and solid