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Facility Management
Access Control Consultants specializes in facility management services. Our knowledgeable and experienced design and engineering team works closely with you to provide the best system to meet your needs.
Our systems do more than just read cards and lock doors. Depending on your requirements, we will provide a customized, fully integrated system to ensure that your staff, your facilities and your assets are equally protected.

ID Badging
Photo ID systems have become a mainstay in today’s business world. Access Control Consultants provides secure photo ID badging systems for corporate, educational and municipal entities of all sizes. Advanced features using smart card technology and biometrics can be incorporated for added Security and Integrity.

Biometric solutions are available to companies needing high levels of security. Access Control Consultants provides the latest in biometric technologies, using unique identifiers such as fingerprints, hand geometry, iris patterns or voice waves. These systems are fully integratable with your central access control system.

Smart Cards
Smart cards, containing embedded microprocessor chips, are used by companies in identity applications that must meet critical security requirements. Smart cards can store great amounts of information and interact intelligently with smart card readers. Access Control Consultants can implement a smart card technology system that will secure access to your physical facilities, computer systems and networks.